Ottorino “Otto” D’Ambra (1978) graduated in Set Design in 2003 at the Academy of Fine Arts “Accademia di Brera”.
In 2013 after years of experience in the art and creative field, Otto D’Ambra, illustrator, print-maker, and tattoo artist opened his art studio; The White Elephant Studio, in London. A space that offers the public the opportunity to get a closer look at D’Ambra’s artwork and the unique chance to finally contemplate what is the result of an incredibly creative and talented mind as well the undeniable fine artistic skills of this artist.
Otto D’Ambra is currently among the most appreciated emerging artists on the present European scene; his artworks lead the spectator towards a surreal dimension and they are the tangible proof of the variety of techniques and artistic skills that this artist masters with extreme ability. His pieces of art are metaphysic visions of the modern world representing a reality made of intangible elements. A reality in which each individual will be driven to undertake a journey through the lies of physical reality leading towards the secret meaning of life. Otto’s artworks represent absolute concepts that offer us a timeless vision of the contemporary world.
The total absence of a context where to insert subjects is one of the main features of Otto’s work: subjects would flow in within an empty, static space, and incredibly, the total absence of movement and dynamism is what confers them that mysterious, unworldly touch. Behind the detailed, fine, graphical realism which distinguishes D’Ambra’s work from any other’s, hides a fascinating ability to find and recreate unexpected relations between living beings, using the symbolic power of animals in order to build moral metaphors that would raise questions about the contradictions of modern society and human evolution combined.


– 2013 Affordable Art Fair Battersea – London, UK

– 2014 Affordable Art Fair Battersea – London, UK
– 2014 Moniker Art Fair – Bricklane – London, UK

– 2015 Moniker Art fair – Bricklane – London, UK
– 2015 Collective at Artpistols Gallery – Glasgow, UK
– 2015 We are all Animal, Solo Show at Curious Duke Gallery – London, UK

– 2016 SetUp Art Fair – Bologna, Italy
– 2016 Ecce Animal, Solo Show Fiumano Project Gallery – London, UK
– 2016 Animalarium at Hoxton Hotel – London, UK
– 2016 Ecce animal Turin, Solo Show Burning Giraffe Art Gallery – Turin, Italy
– 2016 Start Fair at Saatchi Gallery with Fiumano Gallery – London, UK
– 2016 London Art Fair with Fiumano Gallery – London, UK
– 2016 Moniker Art Fair – Bricklane – London, UK

– 2017 Affordable Art Fair – Milan, Italy
– 2017 Short Story of a Vegan Tiger, Solo Show at JF Kugel – Brussels, Belgium
– 2017 Collaboration Levi’s – 50th Anniversary Trucker Jacket – London, UK
– 2017 Lost Collection, Solo Show – Art Sablon Gallery – Brussels, Belgium
– 2017 Flip Side, Solo Show – Burning Giraffe Art Gallery – Turin, Italy